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  • IT solutions with long-term results

    We believe in Long term IT Solutions with our customers and clients.

    Vast Knowledge in IT services

    We have vast knowledge in IT Solutions from Software, Networking to Programming, Server administration, Web Hosting etc.

    Get all the support and backup you need

    We are ready to give you all the support your business need.

    Online/Offline Mobile Survey

    Our online/Offline Mobile app for survey is great for NGOs, Government or Businesses.

  • We are specialized in Custom software development for our Clients. Simply tell us the type of software you need or describe it to us or we will advice and recommend the type of software you need, after which we will design and develop it for you within the shortest possible time to meet your business needs at affordable cost.

  • We implement and deploy Cloud Services and Apps/Software. We have Software Applications available in a scalable and secured cloud environment. Our Cloud Services include ERP (HR,Sales,Hospital,School, Point of Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing etc.), CRM, Corporate Emails, Web Hosting etc.

  • We are always there to help in your IT needs. Whether your requirement is to setup an IT infrastructure or to improve the current one, we can assist you do it simply. Every business or organization needs ICT services to run efficiently. Just contact us to discuss...

  • Creating a well designed website will influence how people perceived your business. VB technologies create your corporate identity that catches the visitors attentions to browser over and over again and hence market your business/organization  on the web even when you are asleep...

  • Your company is unique and your mobile apps should be unique too. Increase your customer base and reach out to your customers on the devices they love to use, with our mobile development strategy.

  • We do not only help businesses of all sizes with affordable ICT Services, but we also run an Information Technology (IT) Training Institute to impact our knowledge in others. Whether you are a beginner, a professional but wants to advance your knowledge, our Training package is there for you...

  • We provide IT Staffing Solutions to Businesses or organizations by identifying and evaluating professional IT Personnels that are capable of doing your job. Our IT Staffing solution make professional IT personnels available to manage your infrastructure either permanently or on contract basis.

  • We have specialists who are specialized in implementation, configuration and deployment Security devices like CCTV/IP Cameras and Biometric devices like Locks, Face Recognition, Finger Print, access controls etc at affordable cost.

  • We can easily administer your databases and servers for efficient running of your business or organization. We can deploy, configure and Manage servers and Databases easily and efficiently. Eg. Windows Servers, SQL Server, Oracle etc.

  • Sierra School is an advanced Education Management System designed for primary & secondary schools, and higher institutions like Tertiary, Colleges and Universities. It is designed to handle the day to day running of educational institutions. It is an ERP for educational Institutions whose features include Student Registration(Online/Offline), Human Resources, Finance, Grading, Reporting and Time Table generation, Attendance, Library Management, Hostel, Health Information, Fees payment(Online/Offline) etc...

  • A church management system suitable for every church. It helps churches to manage their day to day activities including but not limited to membership, Finance (Tithes, Offerings, Pledges, Donations etc), Events like Revivals, Crusade, Retreats, Thanksgiving programs, daily and weekly activities, Report generation, Tithes and Membership card generation, Sermons and Preachers and many more in a very secured manner...

  • A suite of Applications embedded into a single package. We use both Open source and Proprietary Tools & Technologies to provide customized ERP and CRM solutions for your business. Eliminate the need of running many software applications for your business, just have a single solution which will include all the software that you need. Contact us today for quick discussion of your needs.

  • Our Electronics survey App is available for mobile phones and tablets like Android, Iphone, Windows Phone etc to collect data in offline mode (without internet connection) and later sync it to the server. It is ideal for surveys, Census, big data collections, Research, Customer satisfaction, Health, NGOs, Government etc . The data can easily be exported to excel or SPSS for analysis.

  • Our health care system is available for Hospitals, Government, Ngos, Pharmaceutical shops etc . It helps to manage and keeps track of everything happening in the Hospital or Clinic or pharmacy where it is implemented. It is essential for keeping medical records/Health Information Records of a Hospital, Citizens of a state etc as  this will help to reduce the delay in diagnosing each patient always, because it will store a searchable health record of anyone that visits a hospital for medication.

  • Teacher Lemp Lemp (The Emergency Teacher) is an online teaching tool used to teach students, adults and individuals that wants to learn. It is implemented to help spread the emergency teaching program done in all radio stations in Sierra Leone as a result of the Ebola outbreak. It makes the teaching materials available to students and the general public for easy understanding of the subject. It can also be used for training and other online courses.....

  • VB Technologies is built on five(5) principles and core values:

    • Commitment
    • Performance
    • Cost
    • Integrity
    • Results

    These principles guide the company and allow it to provide superior ICT Services including IT Training, Consultancy services, IT Staffing and many more at affordable cost.


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